The Story

Hey there,

Before we get into our story, we’d like to express our joy and gratitude that you have taken the time to check us out! It means the world to us for you to show your interest and support in our lil venture so Thank You! ๐Ÿ™‚

We believe that putting on an accessory or two (or five) is such an easy way to create a “wow” factor to any outfit without having to put in much effort. It certainly doesn’t hurt that investing in statement jewelry is often much more affordable than say..investing in other accessories such as bags and shoes. ย We absolutely adore how we can wear the most basic basic outfit ( think t-shirt and jeans), throw on a statement necklace and voila! We instantly got ourselves a stylish yet effortless combo.

Since hardly a day go by where we don’t have at least one arm/neck/ear “candy” on to complement our outfits, our friends and even strangers often ask us where we get our accessories so they too can get them for themselves. As the questions became more frequent, the idea to curate our favorite jewelry pieces and make them available for others to purchase and enjoy was born.

In short, Serendipity Eighty Eight is our way to share our passion for inexpensive yet stylish accessories not with just our network of friends and family but also to all the fashionistas out there who love fashion as much as we do! We hope that our collection will inspire you to continuously infuse fun, creativity as well as passion to each and every day!

Ready to start shopping? Browse through our collectionย now.ย While you’re here, be sure to also check out our blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lyz & Fern


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