About Lyz & Fern

About Lyz 


Hola! I’m Lystia aka Lyz, Lizzie, Tia etc. (the list of my nickname goes & on so I’m not going to actually list them all hehe). As the first born and a super proud Leo, it’s really not a big surprise that I have a tendency to be “Bossy“. While the word may have a generally negative connotation, as the years pass on, the more I have come to both embrace and truly own it! This bossy gal had the good fortune to have had the opportunity to work in 7 jobs in 6 different industries ranging from Human Resources to Non-profit to Public Relations (amongst others). In a glimpse it may sound like I’m a bit flaky/ indecisive but I’ve found that the “job hopping” has helped met to find and gain clarity on my many passions in life: fashion, travel, personal development, food and interior design.

Today, I consider myself incredibly blessed to be able to fully capitalize on my passions and do what I love. In addition to Serendipity Eighty Eight, I work full time as a Marketing Manager at an global travel company based in the Netherlands as well as run a blog (Fleur de Lyz) which primarily focuses on the topic of personal development (go check it out!). Though it takes a bit of a “juggle” to keep it all together sometimes, I am certainly grateful that through my business, job and blog, I’m fortunate to experience first hand that it is truly beautiful thing when career and passion come together. Every day, I get to blur the line between work and play and I genuinely wouldn’t want it any other way! 🙂


About Fern


Hi hi! Just a bit of a background, my real name is Firna but my close friends call me by middle name – Zahra. That said, my family calls me “Fern”, a nickname I came to love when I was in 4th grade after reading “Charlotte’s Web”.

I am the middle child &  have a deep appreciation of the arts. Two things I feel deeply for are female empowerment and love for our animal friends. The majority of my (well – mine and my family’s ) lives were spent in a variety of countries, locations, and not to mention schools! People might think it probably didn’t provide the best stability but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Living in different countries have allowed me to be more open minded, appreciate different cultures, become more adaptable, and be adventurous. I love traveling to different countries, getting to know their culture(s), and of course – indulge in their yummy food!

On top of Serendipity Eighty Eight, I am the Procurement & Control Manager for an American project management consultant company for infrastructure, energy, oil and gas projects. Through my job, I am blessed to be surrounded by such brilliant engineers and so far, the experience has allowed me to become more “down-to-earth” as I am given the opportunity to connect with people of all levels starting from construction workers all the way to the CEO! 🙂

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