Choosing Quality Over Quantity

Buy Less, Choose Well
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“Buy Less, Choose Well” – Vivienne Westwood 

This simple yet sage advice from a legendary British fashion designer certainly sounds straightforward enough. Yet surprisingly most people tend to apply the opposite when it comes to shopping.

Admittedly, I was no exception. As a long time fashion lover and a former self-proclaimed shopping addict, in the past, it was difficult for me to pass up any sales or promotions. I hardly could recall a time where I would enter a department store or a quirky little boutique without at least purchasing an item! It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I realized my habit of “hoarding” as much clothes, bags, shoes etc. was not exactly the best approach to building a timelessly chic wardrobe that I so desired.

It was then that I came to truly understand the concept of “Buy Less, Choose Well”. If I were to achieve a closet full of items that I would still love and proudly wear as the years (or even decades) pass on, it’s crucial for me to be much more conscientious with my purchases. From that point on, I decided that instead of buying items for the sake of keeping up with the trends, I would carefully evaluate each item based on its quality (materials, design, and how well it’s made), question (honestly) as to how much I actually love the chosen piece, as well as run a mental picture on whether it would compliment other pieces in my existing wardrobe. Only if the item(s) “passes” these three round of questions would I then decide to purchase it.

Thanks to this approach, I’m happy to report that now, my shopping habit truly reflects Ms. Westwood’s wisdom. As a result, many pieces that I have bought back in my early 20’s are still very much “alive and kicking” in my current wardrobe. In fact, when I was out for dinner the other day, I realized that everything single thing (except for the undies) I had on was at least 6 years old! Needless to say, I did a little bragging about it as it finally dawned on me that my “hoarding” days were well behind me.

Some people may resist the idea of prioritizing quality over quantity because there’s a wide misconception that “quality” automatically means “expensive” – which is often far from true. Scoring quality fashion items at guilt-free prices is hardly impossible. This certainly reflects on the collection of accessories that my sister and I have personally curated for Serendipity Eighty Eight. The hand picked pieces were carefully chosen with style, quality and budget in mind. The result? A selection of stylish & timeless accessories with prices that we guarantee won’t break the bank!

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