How to Best Pair Necklaces with Necklines

Matching Necklaces with Necklines
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Since you were drawn to check out this post, chances are you’re just as big of a fan of accessories as we are. Though throwing on a necklace can certainly make an outfit pop, we totally admit that choosing the right necklace that would work best with different necklines can be confusing. That said, no need to fret, here’s a “cheat sheet” we found that will undoubtedly show you that pairing up various types of necklaces with the right necklines is far from rocket science! Hope you’ll find the tips useful in mixing and matching outfits with all of your fabulous necklaces! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Longer chain/ pearl/ pendant/ statement necklaces work best with: ย Turtle necks, Round/ scoop neckline, Boat neck, Asymmetrical necklineย 
  • Choker & Shorter length pendant necklace/ statement necklacesย work best with: ย Button down (collared shirt), Strapless, Cowl neckline
  • Collar, Peter Pan or “Bib” style necklaces work best with: Crew neckline, Button down (collared shirt)ย 
  • Large embellished statement necklaces work best with: Strapless
  • Large pendant necklaces work best with: Square necklineย 
  • V shaped (triangular) necklaces work best with: ย V neck & Halter

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